Crossword Quiz Music Answers Level 3

Here’s the music category answers Level 3 in crossword quiz game, please share this answers with other player to support create more useful puzzle game solutions.


Crossword quiz music answers level 3
Number: 1 Orientation: DOWN Hints:  Answers: BABY DRIVER
Number: 2 Orientation: ACROSS Hints: A song about an obsessed fan of Eminem Answers: STAN
Number: 2 Orientation: DOWN Hints:  Answers: SPOONMAN
Number: 3 Orientation: DOWN Hints: A song by Ed Sheeran, but also a TV show starring Mr. T Answers: A TEAM
Number: 4 Orientation: DOWN Hints: Song title that means the opposite of being dead Answers: ALIVE
Number: 5 Orientation: ACROSS Hints:  Answers: BROKE
Number: 6 Orientation: ACROSS Hints:  Answers: DYNAMITE
Number: 7 Orientation: DOWN Hints: Eiffel 65 made a song saying they were a certain color Answers: IM BLUE
Number: 8 Orientation: ACROSS Hints: And _____ so far away Answers: I RAN
Number: 9 Orientation: DOWN Hints:  Answers: BURN
Number: 10 Orientation: ACROSS Hints:  _____ and now’s the time,the time is now,to sing my song Answers: RAMBLE ON