Crossword Quiz 80s Answers Level 5

Here’s the 80s category answers level 5 in crossword quiz game, please share this answers with other player to support // create more useful puzzle game solutions.


Crossword quiz 80s answers level 5
number 1 orientation : ACROSS hints: emojis answers : RAT TAILS
number 1 orientation : DOWN : hints: emojis answers : RUBIKS CUBE
number 2 orientation : DOWN : hints: Popular toy that was a robototic arm/crane answers : ARMATRON
number 3 orientation : ACROSS hints: Video format that lost to VHS answers : BETAMAX
number 4 orientation : DOWN : hints: This strange yellow sphere ate pellets while being chased by ghosts answers : PAC MAN
number 5 orientation : ACROSS hints: emojis answers : SUPERMAN
number 6 orientation : DOWN : hints: Type of hairstlyle that gives your curls answers : PERMS
number 7 orientation : ACROSS hints: One of the first hip hop groups to hit mainstream success answers : RUN DMC
number 8 orientation : ACROSS hints: Blue yellow red and green have never been so difficult to memorize answers : SIMON