Crossword Quiz Underwater Answers 10

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1. E.coli and fecal coliform are… you do not want to find in your water answers: bacteria
1. bad thing for vegas gamblers to take answers: bath
2. to maintain the body erect in the water with the head above the surface answers: tread
3. in greek mythology, triton was the God of the.. answers: tides
4. water protective spectacles answers: goggles
5. girl and ring picture answers: herring
6. tailed aquatic larva of an amphibian answers: tadpole
6. zoomed fabric picture answers: towel
7. like a puppy’s kiss answers: wet
8. fish tank and girl picture answers: tank
9. needle teeth crocodile and fish picture answers: GAR
10. an energetic quick dive answers: plunge
10. the measuring level of acidity or basicity answers: PH