Crossword Quiz Music Answers Level 6

Here’s the music category answers Level 6 in crossword quiz game, please share this answers with other player to support create more useful puzzle game solutions.


Crossword quiz music answers level 6
Number: 1 Orientation: ACROSS Hints: This female artist is just trying to get the party started Answers: PINK
Number: 1 Orientation: DOWN Hints: Song by Ariana Grande & Iggy Azalea that has a funky saxophone Answers: PROBLEM
Number: 2 Orientation: DOWN Hints: Band Members consist of Justin, Lance, Joey, Chris & JC Answers: NSYNC
Number: 3 Orientation: ACROSS Hints:  Answers: FEVER
Number: 3 Orientation: DOWN Hints: ____! Turn to the left.____! Turn to the right Answers: FASHION
Number: 4 Orientation: ACROSS Hints: Can you help me I’m _____I’m so scared that I’ll neverget put back together Answers: BENT
Number: 5 Orientation: ACROSS Hints:  Answers: HOTEL
Number: 6 Orientation: DOWN Hints:  Answers: HONEY
Number: 7 Orientation: ACROSS Hints:  Answers: ARMY
Number: 8 Orientation: DOWN Hints:  Answers: RIBS
Number: 9 Orientation: DOWN Hints: Usher & Lil Jon love saying this one word in this 2004 hit Answers: YEAH
Number: 10 Orientation: ACROSS Hints: Don’t accuse Calvin Harris, put the fault on the night Answers: BLAME
Number: 11 Orientation: ACROSS Hints:  Answers: CUPS